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Luboa Hut

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The Resort

Luboa Hut, the small family owned and operated bungalow-resort, is located on Pu Island also known as Jum Island, Krabi Province, Southern Thailand. Initially opened with 5 cottages in the year 2002, the resort in the course of time was extended up to 12 bungalows. All huts are wisely placed in the spacious garden. This place is a pearl and welcoming place. People who come don't regret - and most of them want to come back as soon as possible.

A few days at Luboa Hut

This means: Get away from it all... - in this place there are: no shops, no nightlife, no Jetski or Bananaboat. Nothing else than you, the beach and the sea. There even is no ATM! This bay is a good place for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, volleyball, campfire and so on. What else can you ask for?

Thai Food

Luboa Hut stands not only for it´s cosy bungalows and atmosphere, also for there popular catering. A huge range of delicious thai-food is offered in the resort-restaurant, directly located at the beach.
Enjoy Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Fresh Fish, Tom Yam, Coconut Shake, Singha, Chang and much more...

The restaurant is closed from 5pm until 6:30pm

*NEW* Luboa-Café

Coffeeshop in Koh Jum Village

Take a ride to the main village - it takes 20 minutes.
Best coffee, breakfast, sandwiches and more are waiting for you.

November to March - 8:30AM to 4:30PM


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At this place Luboa Hut offers fresh Coffee, Capuccino & Latte.

Looking for a quiet, peaceful place, a beach almost to yourself, delicious food, reasonable prices and loving host...? -

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All staff speak english well, take care and smile all the time.